About Us

Background and History of The Free Grace Evangelical Church.

John And Rita Vogan

A sequence of events led to the formation of this Church. My wife, Rita, and I, John, professed faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour in 1969. We publicly demonstrated our conversion in 1972 by believers’ baptism. In 1978 the Lord called me to leave my work in insurance to study and prepare for full time Christian work. I was called to be a Pastor in England. In 1994 the Lord gave us a burden for the Irish people. The Lord led the way for us to come to Mullingar in May 1995.

Evangelistic efforts began with home to home evangelism, Hotel Meetings and home Bible studies on Thursdays and Sundays. In April 2010 a group of us felt led to start a Bible believing Church because of our sincere love for the Scriptures.

On 18 September 2010 our Official Opening and Commissioning Service took place. Our God is so gracious in saving us, drawing and keeping us together. We pray that God will save precious souls wherever they worship. May this be a spiritual home for people from all nations who are happy to worship with us.

Registered Charity Number: 20075323